Building with Sky Stripe

Building with Sky Stripe

Selector Marketing Group

Current Project:

Working with City Loan Selector and Webster List to develop a platform for advertisers to meet locals and newcommers.

We provide access to over 50 domains and 3500 US cities through our unique network.

Developing a calling program for management companies that are using Lease Revenue Option (LRO) software programs.

Our past successes include:
  • consulting-mystery shopping

  • internet marketing

  • call centers

  • on-line video hosting and training

  • franchising

  • apartment debt collections and management

    Our Mission:

    focused services
    for organizations
    with customer service goals

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Building with Sky Stripe

how we have made a difference!

  • Case Study: Internet Page Development for Apartment Locating
  • 25000+ Seachable pages for a mortgage company
  • Apartment Call Center customer service delivery
  • Delivery of Video training to over 1000 apartment communities
  • Debt managent services for home owners association
  • Online publishing services
  • Design implimentation of CRM system
  • Design implimentation of Email Feedback System
Resource Center:

Apartment Journal: Professionals offering residential and commerical Real Estate Services. This list has been complied to assist commerical real estate excutives with contacts and areas of service. Please feel free to contact us to discuss adding your service.

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Company Phone Services
Kendall Laughlin 214-215-5343 Marketing and Sales Managment/Consulting
Selector Marketing Group
6805 Hillcrest Ave. Suite 208
Dallas TX 75205

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